bearfaceMy approach to life—and so also to yoga—honors the depths and subtleties of our physical experience. In our bodies, deep work can often be subtle, which is why the breath is the best vehicle for engaging with the core.

I teach slow-moving classes so folks can stay connected to their breathing. My language is often rich in imagery to help stir the imagination and unify the mind with the body and the breath. Slowing our practice down increases subtle awareness. Subtle awareness is a valuable skill to develop because:

  1. greater awareness of subtle sensations helps prevent and heal injuries and pain
  2. many bodies store unprocessed emotion and careful attention to sensation can help metabolize these energies
  3. life moves through cycles; moving slowly encourages presence and patience rather than the stress of needing to “get” anywhere
  4. when building core strength, it’s easiest to maintain core engagement if you move slowly

Yoga, Systems, and Power:
I honor the roots of the Sanskrit word “yoga”—which means “to yolk” or “to bring together.” Yoga is an ancient healing art, sourcing back to a culture that is not my own. If you’d like to learn more about this beautiful art form, I recommend beginning with these two books: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Light on Yoga.

My work with yoga has informed my study of how power moves through systems of the body—and I integrate this with my study of how power moves through bigger systems like family, organizations, and culture. When I teach, I encourage an honest look at systemic injustices and work to adapt the yoga I’ve learned to better accommodate those who live on the fringes—those in the margins and in shadows—all those burdened by the homogenizing harm of Western culture.

My classes are taught by-donation.
All bodies, clothing-types, and levels are always welcome.

Contact me anytime. I hope we can practice together soon!

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