sywj_class scheduleRooted in an ever-growing sense that the body knows what it needs to heal and grow, I incorporate creative language, imagery, and music to help people connect to their own core awareness and get to know the deep subtleties of their native existence. You can expect a welcoming, relaxed, and respectful atmosphere during my classes or while in one-on-one sessions.

My passion for this work stems from a deep-seeded desire to witness people reclaim, rebuild, and recomplexify their relationship to Self such that they allow for the creative, courageous, and focused actions that can restore wellness to all the ailing systems we rely on and to which we all belong.

I began dance classes as a toddler and two decades later completed an 1800-hr Structural Therapy & Massage certification program in Chicago. Another decade later, in 2011, I earned my 200hr teaching certification through Bodhana Yoga School led by Cat Matlock with teachers from multiple disciplines. In 2013, I completed a 200hr Bhavana Yoga Teacher Training offered by Deirdre Smith-Gilmer and Joe Taft. I’ve recently graduated with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus in Expressive Arts Therapy and Systemic Multicultural Counseling at Appalachian State University and worked for a year as a counseling intern at Our VOICE. I study voice, music, and meditation with the inimitable Danny Ellis. I also run a collaborative art business called Abacus Corvus with my brilliant and hilarious sister, Corina Dross—we write a blog each month to go with our artwork, and I hope you’ll read it!

I am enriched by the love that has been passed down to me through my teachers—and their teachers and their teachers’ teachers—may it continue to amplify through me.

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