Yoga for the Obliteration of Tyranny

YFTOOT_bannerWEBAfter a brief hiatus from teaching, I’m pleased to announce my next scheduled class:

Yoga for the Obliteration of Tyranny
Saturday November 15th 3-5pm
Toy Boat Community Art Space
101 Fairview Rd. Asheville, NC
All levels, all bodies, and all Identities are welcome!!

Years ago, a productive environment emerged as I was practicing yoga while listening to super heavy sludge metal. Returning to this practice again and again, I’ve sought the courage to step through darkness and uncertainty into personal sovereignty.

I see rage, grief, and fear as sane reactions to being silenced, destabilized, and made to feel invisible, powerless, or ashamed. It makes sense to get riled up and act out—it also makes sense to withdraw. However we manage it, self-preservation makes sense.

Things stop making sense when we use our individual power to silence and destabilize ourselves and each other. Using the internalized tactics of tyranny to cope with the consequences of tyranny, we simply perpetuate cycles of abuse and disconnection.

This class exists so we can come together and practice a new way of moving with the intense energies of life—a way that is both resolute and full of care. The slow-moving physical practice will emphasize centralizing power within the body and emptying personal space of internalized oppression. The music will serve as a reminder that we can channel intense feelings into creativity rather than into destruction and despair.

You can RSVP to this class here (on facebook), or by emailing me.

All the best,